Wednesday, September 10, 2014


So... here is the deal.
I'm basically the luckiest aunt in the world!
I was able to go with 3 of my nephews and a niece to save turtles on the Baja Peninsula.
Although I missed my first flight, lost my bags, and got deleted from my return flight I still had an amazing time! 
We camped in tents on the beach, ate amazing food, and had an amazing adventure
So... Fun facts:
I have a turtle named after me!
We caught one turtle weighing 132 kilos.
My 8 year old nephews take selfies.
There are no pine trees in the Baja.
Don't ask why but this was our theme song for the trip:

 And here are some pictures:




Thursday, March 20, 2014


Green is a good colour... So I like Oregon.
Okay... that's not the only reason...
I was only there for about 42 hours last weekend but it was a good 42 hours.
Here's all the things I did:
  1. I got to hangout with Hillary's family who I basically consider my family.
  2. I got to cuddle with her dogs.
  3. I got to eat good and healthy food. 
  4. I got to chill with the Dye's.
  5. I got to go on a hike.
  6. I got to go to the Oregon coast.
  7. I got to build a beach fire.
  8. I got to go star gazing.
  9. I got to swim in the ocean.
  10. I got to ride in a jeep without the hood (a first for me) and even though I almost froze to death it was TOTALLY worth it!
  11. I got to meet some cool new people from around the world.  
  12. I got to go to Alberta street, which is my favorite... for many reasons...
  13. I bought some cool things.  
Here's some proof: