Thursday, March 20, 2014


Green is a good colour... So I like Oregon.
Okay... that's not the only reason...
I was only there for about 42 hours last weekend but it was a good 42 hours.
Here's all the things I did:
  1. I got to hangout with Hillary's family who I basically consider my family.
  2. I got to cuddle with her dogs.
  3. I got to eat good and healthy food. 
  4. I got to chill with the Dye's.
  5. I got to go on a hike.
  6. I got to go to the Oregon coast.
  7. I got to build a beach fire.
  8. I got to go star gazing.
  9. I got to swim in the ocean.
  10. I got to ride in a jeep without the hood (a first for me) and even though I almost froze to death it was TOTALLY worth it!
  11. I got to meet some cool new people from around the world.  
  12. I got to go to Alberta street, which is my favorite... for many reasons...
  13. I bought some cool things.  
Here's some proof:


Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Best Time of the Year.

Okay... I know Christmas was a month ago... But...
Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday!
My family has an infinite amount of traditions!
We all get together at my cabin, play games, cut down the Christmas tree, decorate the cabin and the tree, perform the nativity, open up PJ's on Christmas Eve, watch it's a wonderful life, go snowboarding, eat special foods, go for walks around the lake. All while listening to Roger Whittaker's Christmas CD.
How could it get any better?
I know... it couldn't!
So I know you all wish you could come to my cabin for Christmas... but you can't!
So here are some pictures and a video to keep you satisfied!
Till next time,